Nerf Sharpshooting

Learning focus:   A scoring method for concept checking, can be used with any question type or quiz.

Benefits:   Students will love being quizzed!  Any time you want to check how a class has grasped a concept, the class will not realise they are being assessed.  If there is a team that always wins because they are the strongest in the subject, the way it is scored means they wont necessarily win.  Easily adapted to any class or subject.  Students highly motivated to get the right answers, so you can get them to answer any questions!

Timing:   15 – 30 minutes. Suitable for concept checking  at the beginning, middle or end of class.  Can be longer if used for test revision, just make a bigger grid.

Equipment:   A Nerf gun and suction cup Nerf bullets (or can be substituted with a paper aeroplane, but not quite as exciting for the students).  A whiteboard or other shiny surface to shoot Nerf sucker bullets at.  A list of questions to ask students focused on the current topic, mini-whiteboards or scrap paper, pens (or students can write answer in their note-books if it is something you want them to keep), the game board drawn on a piece of paper.

Planning time:   15 minutes to write questions on the current or past topic.


  1.  Have a list of questions you are going to ask the students.
  2. Draw a target on the board and a table for scores (see below):Target
  3. Calm students down when they see what they are about to play…
  4. Put students into groups of 3 or 4.
  5. Ask the students a question (either have them write it individually in their books, on a mini-whiteboard or piece of paper as a group).
  6. Each group that gets a correct answer sends one person to take a shot.
  7. Record the score next to the board.
  8. Ask a new question.


  • This is a lot more fun with a Nerf gun, and make sure you get the suction bullets.  It is really satisfying to have them hit and stick.
  • Play with your Nerf gun for a bit so that you can help students to fire correctly and safely… and because it’s fun.
  • These guns are very safe (I shot myself in the face a couple of times to make sure), but best to make sure that no one points the gun at anyone else.
  • Get a gun with a multi-loader barrel to save time on reloads.Nerf gun
  • When the students get good at shooting, spice it up a bit with symbols (e.g. from kaBOOOM), a smaller target or different scoring

Nerf in action:

Doing the work Minh Quan's ShotCounting ScoresJessie's Shot Linh Dan lining up Khanh Ha's Shot


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