Learning focus:   A scoring method for concept checking, can be used with any question type or quiz.

Benefits:   Students will love being quizzed!  Any time you want to check how a class has grasped a concept, the class will not realise they are being assessed.  If there is a team that always wins because they are the strongest in the subject, the way it is scored means they wont necessarily win.

Timing:   15 – 30 minutes. Suitable for concept checking  at the beginning, middle or end of class.  Can be longer if used for test revision, just make a bigger grid.

Equipment:   A list of questions to ask students focused on the current topic, mini-whiteboards or scrap paper, pens (or students can write answer in their note-books if it is something you want them to keep), the game board drawn on a piece of paper.

Planning time:   15 minutes to write questions on the current or past topic.


  1.  Have a list of questions you are going to ask the students.
  2. Draw a grid on a piece of paper 6 x 4 and populate it with symbols to represent different scoring methods (see below).

    Example scoring board (hidden from students)

    Example scoring board (hidden from students)

  3. Draw a blank grid on the board with the same number of squares as your grid (do not draw the pictures in yet).
  4. Draw a score board and give each team 100 points to start with:team score board
  5. Put Ss into groups of 3 or 4 (pairs would work in small classes, or maybe even individual in very small classes; aim for about 4 – 6 groups max).
  6. Each team who answers a question correctly gets to choose a square.
  7. As a team chooses a square, draw the hidden symbol from your grid onto the board and follow the scoring below:
    • BOMB – Team loses 10 points
    • STAR – Team gains 10 points
    • SUPER BOMB – (bomb with a jagged circle) Every team except the team which finds it loses 10 points
    • SUPER STAR – (7 point star) Team steals 10 points from another team of their choice
    • SNAKE – Team must choose to swap scores with another team (sometimes good, sometimes a disaster!)
    • SMILEY – Team must choose a team (not their own) to give 10 points to
  8. Keep going until all your questions have been answered!


  • Be a game show host!  The more you build up the suspense, the more fun the class will have.
  • Make your own symbols to change it up a bit and make it fresh (and let me know your ideas!).

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