by David Benton

At Motivated Learners, I am hoping to share the activities I use in my classroom, and to encourage cultures of motivation, engagement and learner focus in schools everywhere.

I started my teaching career in the English as Another Language (EAL) sector. When teaching EAL, engaging students to ensure their continued business is a very real aspect of daily planning.  This leads in most classrooms to playing games, and in some, learning focused games.

Having moved to teaching middle and senior school Science and Mathematics, I have taken the activities that I have developed, borrowed and created and adapted them.  Surprisingly, a very easy task!

Therefore, I have created this blog to share the ways I ensure my students love coming into my classes.

I am also hoping to learn more from the collective knowledge of any who read this blog, so please share anything you do in the classroom to engage and motivate your learners.


To find motivating activities, look at the menu on the left and choose something from the list.  The ones at the top of each section are my favourites, so start there(for example: Backs to the Board, kaBOOOM or Reading Race).

If you want to see my thoughts, rationale or what I have found useful recently, click on blogroll.


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Great stuff here. Thank you for your generosity in sharing it. From one EFL teacher to another this is BRILLIANT!
    A teacher after my own heart – well done.

  2. Hi David

    I teach Business Studies at ACG Strathallan College in NZ.
    I’ve used your “Nerf Sharpshooting” idea and made it my own.
    What a great revision and concept checking tool. Students LOVE it.
    Thank you very much for sharing your resources.

    Jesse Buchan

    • Your welcome Jesse! Glad you and the students like the ideas. Makes a lot of difference having a Nerf gun in the classroom. Let me know if you think of any new or interesting ways to incorporate it into your lessons. Cheers.

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